“Cooking”is an art as some say,but according to me it’s a combo of happiness and madness. Amma is my first inspiration in cooking,love her what we say in Tamil as Kaimanam. There’s some magic in her hands which makes her dishes scrumptious and make my mouth drool.Next,my kids who always crave for new dishes and to see the smile and excitement in their faces I use to explore some dishes which might be a hit or sometimes flop,but always I use to get a positive comment from my darlings which makes me try even more. And how can I not mention my dear little brother, who is my rock solid support.
Last but not the least, my friends who are my all time favourite and always are very supportive. Whatsapp is the main media that connects us all.Am glad and blessed to have contacts with all my friends right from school to college.when I try new dishes I use to post in groups,my friends use to comment positively and many insisted me to start a food blog.Even I had interest in exploring but basically had laziness and starting trouble.One of my friend, every time when I post new dishes in group continuously use to tell me to take next step,and she also helped me in starting this blog and thanks to her.finally here you can find some basic simple dishes that you can easily try in your daily routine.As am new to this blog world,as days pass by sure will try new dishes which I would love to post.

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  1. Vasantha says:

    Thanks for the link. Wish you all the best.


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