Kavunarisi is purely a chettinadu sweet, which always falls first in their sweet menu in almost all of their functions. Its nothing but black glutinous rice which is cooked with sugar and ghee along with some coconut. The stickiness of the cooked rice is the unique speciality of this sweet. Many may confuse this rice with Kerala brown rice,  hence I have shown a separate picture of the rice. One of my family favourite sweet,I make sure to do it on every loved ones birthdays. Hope many will peek into this recipe and give it a try as it might be new to most of you guys. Lets move on to the ingredients of this chettinadu unique dish.

INGREDIENTS(servings 3-4)

  • 200gms of black glutinous rice.(1 cup)
  • 150gms of sugar.(adjust sugar according to your taste.)
  • 2 teaspoon of ghee for aroma.
  • 1 tablespoon of grated coconut.(you can also skip it if don’t prefer,that doesn’t change the taste of the sweet.)
  • 4 cups of water.(measure water in the same rice cup.you can also increase amount of water if rice is not cooked.)


closer view of black glutinous rice.



  • Wash the rice thoroughly and soak it overnight. Measure correct quantity of water and soak the rice,don’t drain the water, directly add to the cooker along with the rice. This retains the rich black color.
  • Am preparing today in rice cooker, you can try in normal cooker too. Add the rice along with water inside the cooker.(if pressure cooked keep for 4-5 whistles.)
  • Cook until the rice gets soft, if not add more water and cook again.(if u prepare it in cooker and feel the rice is under cooked after 5 whistles add some more water and leave it for another 2 whistles.)


soaked overnight, look at the colour,add along with this water to the rice cooker.


  • If you notice the rice is cooked, but still have excess water, no problem just drain the water before adding sugar to the dish.
  • Once the rice cooked, add sugar and stir well, after five minutes you will notice the dish turns sticky, at this point of time add coconut and ghee and cook for another 10 minutes and switch off flame and serve hot.


Tantalizing Tasty kavunarisi is ready. Serve hot. Sure give it a try and leave your valuable comments and any other suggestions of trying this sweet.


rice final


  • Do not drain soaked water, as your are adding along with rice to cook, make sure you wash your rice properly and then soak it.
  • If u pressure cook the rice, add some water to the cooker, place the soaked rice along with water in a small bowl, cover the lid and keep the bowl on water, close the cooker and leave for whistle. By doing this method, rice cooks fast and also you can avoid rice sticking to cooker. I have shown the picture for clarification.





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