Idly is the main breakfast in almost every south-Indian houses. Its considered as a healthy and best breakfast as its steamed. We ferment the batter and steam them which breaks the starch in it so which increases our metabolism and boosts our immune system. Here I have steamed idlies in a idly pan with a cloth which is a traditional way of preparing it.Lets move on the ingredients of this soft and fluffy idlies.


  • 4cups(800gms) of idly rice or parboiled rice.
  • 1cup(200gms)of whole white urad dhal.(you can add black whole lentil too which gives you the softest idly. The skin needs to be removed before grinding)
  • salt to taste and water.



  • Soak the rice and urad dhal for 6hrs separately.
  • wash it properly and grind urad dhal to a smooth consistency.(if your urad dhal quality is good, you can see the batter doubles in volume while grinding, this makes the idly soft and fluffy.)
  • Don’t add too much water to the batter, grind very smooth and keep it aside.
  • Grind the rice coarsely, add salt, then mix it with the urad dhal batter in a huge vessel and leave it covered in a cool place to ferment overnight or for 8hrs depends upon your climatic condition.


Before fermenting process. After fermenting.(photos)

After 8hrs of fermentation the batter doubles in volume and its ready for preparing idly.


  • Heat the idly pan with some water, and place the idly plate on it and cover it with a cloth.
  • you will have 5 holes in the plate, place a piece of carrot in each hole(optional) and cover the lid. Wait until the water boils.
  • When you see the water boiling and steam arise, sprinkle some water on the cloth and gently scoop the batter and fill the holes, cover the lid and cook for 7-8 minutes.
  • After the idlies are steamed carefully take the cloth covered plate and turn it upside down in another big plate.(dip your hand in warm water before taking the plate.)



Soft, fluffy idlies are ready with a cute carrot in middle. Serve it with sambar,coriander chutney and idly podi and enjoy the healthy breakfast.




  • If you live in cool climatic condition, you can add 5-6 fenugreek seeds to the rice while soaking it and grind along with the rice, which helps in fermenting and also making idly soft.
  • You can use idly cooker also to steam idlies, you have to grease the idly plates with oil before filling it with batter.
  • While you scoop the idlies make sure to leave the top layer and scoop it by spreading the batter but not to mix it.




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