Homemade juices are the best, that too having it on a scorching hot day, will make us energetic and feel relaxed. How about a refreshing green grapes juice with a dash of lemon juice which you can prepare and serve in a jiffy. There are many ways of making this juice, here is a simple way.

INGREDIENTS(servings 1-2)

  • 250gms of seedless green grapes.
  • one teaspoon of sugar.(optional. If ur fruits are sweet you can skip it or replace with honey or brown sugar.)
  • 10ml of lemon juice.
  • 50ml of water.
  • few finely cut grapes for decoration.(optional)



  • Wash the grapes, and transfer it to the blender, add sugar and lemonjuice,water and blend smooth.
  • Seive the smooth paste in a juice strainer and serve chill.

Healthy juice is ready to quench your thirst.




You can add some fresh chopped grapes to the glass you serve and add ice cubes and then fill the juice till the brim and serve.