MMMMMangoes are all time favorite for adults as well as kids and hence rightly called as King of Fruits. During mango season mangoes are used in every form or other  like  milkshakes/ juices , shrikand, ice-cream and ofcourse in the yummy pickles too. This milkshake is thick and creamy, very delicious and refreshing during hot summer. Again this shake can also be made many ways according to each ones prefrence, in every way it gives a unique and fresh taste.


  • 250gms of ripe mangoes.(cut into square shapes.)
  • one teaspoon of sugar.(optional. If mangoes are too sweet you can skip sugar or can replace by adding honey or jiggery.)
  • one scoop of vanilla ice-cream.(optional)
  • 100ml of boiled milk.(keep it warm.)
  • mango wedges for decorations.
  • pistachio nuts for toppings.(you can add your favorite nuts and its purely optional.)
  • 20gms of fresh mangoes(cut into small pieces for filling inside the jar)



  • Run mango cubes with all above mentioned ingredients in a blender along with some ice cubes(optional).
  • blend smooth without any lumps.
  • In a tall glass add those chopped mangoes first and fill it with this smooth creamy milkshake with some ice cubes and top it with roasted pistachio nuts.

Gorgeous creamy milkshake is ready. Enjoy this summer treat.




  • you can also add some saffron strands in milk while boiling it.
  • can also top-up with vanilla or mango ice cream.
  • adding chopped mangoes into the serving glass is optional.
  • topping up with nuts are optional and if you wish you can add your favorite nuts too.